Are you in partnership with Glasgow City Council?  

Yes, we work in partnership with Glasgow City Council to offer funded places for 3-5 year olds.  

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, we accept a wide range of childcare vouchers. If we are not registered with your current voucher provider we will make arrangements to do so. 

My child is under 2 years old, can I enrol them at The Enchanted Tree Nursery?

Unfortunately we are only able to offer places to 2-5 year olds. 

I have a child under 2 years old, can I add them to your waiting list?

Absolutely!  Please contact us with your child's name, date of birth, address and a contact telephone number and we will add these details to our waiting list. We will get in touch with you on the approach to your child's second birthday to discuss availability. Please note that being on our waiting list does not guarantee your child a place as enrolment is subject to availability.

I'm pregnant, can my baby join your waiting list?

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Please contact us after your baby is born and we will add their details to our waiting list. 

I work shifts, can I change my child's sessions weekly or monthly?

We do our best to be flexible with parents/carers. We currently accommodate parents who work shifts on the understanding that we cannot guarantee availability indefinitely. The closer we get to reaching our enrolment capacity the less flexible we can be as we have to ensure we operate within required staff to children ratios. 

Do you provide drinks, snacks and lunch?

We provide a healthy snack during each of our sessions. Children arriving before 9am are offered a healthy breakfast. Fresh drinking water is available for children to help themselves to throughout the day. Chilled milk is offered during snack and lunch times. For an additional fee we can provide your child with a healthy hot 2-course lunch. Alternatively, please provide your child with a healthy pack lunch which we will keep chilled in our refrigerator. Please note that we are not able to heat any pack lunch items. 


How can I enrol my child at The Enchanted Tree Nursery?
Firstly, we recommend you meet with our staff and tour our facilities. We can then discuss our current availability and go through the enrolment paperwork. To complete the enrolment process we will require proof of your child's identity and date of birth (birth certificate) as well as proof of your address (council tax/utility bill). We will also require a £50 enrolment fee to secure your child's place. We will use the enrolment fee to provide your child with their own set of waterproof dungarees, a waterproof jacket and a legionnaire sun hat. 

How can I help my child settle into nursery?

In order to ensure a smooth transition from home to nursery we offer complimentary transition sessions for up to 2 hours daily. The amount of transition sessions required varies for each child. We generally find that 1-2 weeks of transition sessions work for most children. Please note that if your child is not yet 2 years old we will require you to stay with them throughout these transition sessions until they reach their 2nd birthday.

How do I pay my nursery fees?

You will receive an invoice from us on the 1st of every month for that month's fees. Payment, by bank transfer, is required within 5 working days. 

Do you offer term time only places?

No, unfortunately we only offer places for 50 weeks of the year. 

Do you operate throughout the year?

Yes, we are open 50 weeks of the year. We close for Glasgow City Council's school Christmas holidays and on Easter Monday. As our hall is an official polling session we also close on voting days. 

Can I drop off/pick up my child outwith the standard session times?

Although our morning sessions start from 7:30am you can of course drop your child off at anytime convenient to yourself. Similarly you can pick up your child anytime before we close at 6pm. However, please note that there is no discounted price for using less hours as we have to ensure we have adequate staffing levels to cover the number of children enrolled in each session. 

Frequently Asked Questions